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A Mid-Century-Style Bedroom for a Millennial At-home College Student - Revealed!

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Hey friends, we're back! So you may have read the teaser in last week's post about this room's refresh mid-pandemic, so today I'm going to share the reveal! But first, let's talk about this room and where it came from, you can catch the reveal pre-pandemic here.

It's true many of us have been struggling or searching for ways to make our homes work for us in ways we never imagined B.C (Before COVID) and our household has been too. So when our college-aged daughter's classes turned online and her after-school job (tutoring biology to middle school students) also converted online we quickly realized she needed a dedicated space to work. Without the disruptions and distractions from the rest of the house and it's inhabitants.

With more video sessions taking place she also needed a quiet backdrop that wouldn't distract her students. So pairing things back and organizing became a priority for her.

Here's a little before of her room:

It's gorgeous and she loved it! So why the change?

Well, that desk was more of a table (no drawer) and she also needed something a little bigger and more grown-up (the desk was from Target's Room Essentials Dorm line from many years past and it was so wobbly but it also was like $12 on clearance).

First things first, we upgraded the workspace/vanity and now it's this beautiful gray wood with brass details:

We also simplified things a bit by removing the wall sconces that used to flank this mirror (sigh, I meant to steam those curtains - don't judge).

She now has a place to stash her pens and papers away in the drawer and the brass detail on the back may be my favorite.

The blue velvet chair replaced her old bedroom chair that never worked great as a study chair, it was too low and no back support, plus one of the cats shredded the heck out of the back of it.

We love how this new chair has ample supp