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Creating a Mid-Century-Style Bedroom for a Millennial at-home College Student

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

It's no secret, that during this pandemic we've been actively trying to carve out multi-functional spaces for everyone and for their multiple tasks. While we recently made over our at-home college student's bedroom a couple of years ago, you can read more about that here.

This time we needed to fine tune it a bit so that she had a study space for her college courses which also doubles where she virtually tutors students (do I hear an applause for the future educators of the world?!) and also, where she can store all her beauty products and get ready for those Zoom dates. I'm sure that's not even a thing at their age so I just dated myself and probably made that up.

Here's what was on her list of must haves:

  1. A desk/vanity/work table - hello multi-purpose piece! When dealing with a small space, choose a high performing element that doubles or even triples the functions at hand.

  2. A new bed - Because what twenty year old wants to sleep on a small bed that was adequate for their teens?

  3. A chair that doesn't scream office chair!

  4. A shoe rack - because this girl has way too many shoes and as her mom I'm really tired of them laying all over the house.

  5. A dresser that doesn't overwhelm the room (we're talking small-space living here) and yet, doesn't break the bank or look teen-ish.

  6. Storage cubbies - yes, small space or not, who doesn't need some organizational bins #amirite ?

Anyway, here's a sneak peek at what we shopped for and during the reveal next week (with a complete shopping list) I'll share how it all turned out so stay tuned!

I'm off to build, ok assemble the dresser!

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