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DIY Nordic Paper Stars

I thought I would pop this post in quick in the event you're still not done with your Christmas decorating or if you have a party or even if you just are looking for a fun, easy and inexpensive way to add winter decor. This is totally something you can get the kiddos involved in and have so much fun!

First, here's what you'll need:

Paper lunch bags (at minimum 12 bags)

Glue sticks


Hooks or Twine (if you plan to hang them)

*at minimum 12 bags make 1 star

**I used 14 bags for most of my stars

Here I used 14 bags for my stars.

Start by laying your bags so that one side is folded side down, like this.

The side that does not have the folded flap is the side you will glue, like this.

Then lay the bag that has the folded flap down on the glued bag so that it's folded flap side down. Make sure you glue in all the edges and corners well.

Repeat this step until you have all bags glued together and this is what your last bag should look like. Notice the folded flap side is face down. Yes, I really went through 2.5 glue sticks or about that per star.

Now, you're ready to cut the bags into your star. You don't have to be super "perfect" for this and you can cut out any design you desire.

Once you have cut out your star, you'll want to glue this top side and the bottom side.

*Tip - glue the top side and bottom side well and make sure you get all the corners as this is what holds your star together when you open it.

You'll then gently pull both glued sides together like a "fan" so that they are glued together.

This one I didn't create any cutouts but the others I made I did, like these.

And that's it! Super simple and ready to hang using an ornament hook or just some twine.

These really give that winter solstice and hygge feel to your home in this natural color but you could, of course, get wild and use colorful bags, have the kids color them or paint them and then create the stars. I really love the look of a more neutral aesthetic to tie into our other Scandinavian decor and style.

I strung mine up just using twine and attached them to the curtain rod in our living room at varying heights.

Happy Holidays!


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1 Comment

Nordic paper stars are a wonderful snow day project. So fun! Thanks

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