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DIY Winter Garland

Today I'm sharing an easy semi-handmade DIY Christmas garland using permanent garland roping as the foundation. Real/Fresh garland can be expensive and if you live in a dry climate or want to keep it indoors for the Holiday season it can get brittle, wilt or even fall apart.

Here I used a mix of permanent and fresh greenery, using this garland by Target as my backbone. I then went to my local nursery and picked up bunches of fresh greenery including, white pine, cedar, juniper, and incense cedar.

Laying them in bunches out on the floor, making it easier to work with. I used floral wire to secure my fresh greenery to the permanent roping.

Secure and weave in the fresh greenery into your permanent garland as desired like this.

I also used this faux magnolia garland (on clearance at Target) and I cut it into bunches (I only used one 6' strand).

Mixing faux and real allows for a longer life span when using fresh garland indoors as well as it costs MUCH less than if I had purchased a ready-made real garland.

The garland I hung around my kitchen window measures over 14 feet long.

Here is a side by side of the faux garland and the garland after I secured fresh greenery into it.

And here is a closer look of the garland hung up. I use 3M Command Hooks to secure to my wall.

The overall cost breakdown:

Target faux garland - $24.99 (I used two)

Target faux magnolia garland $9.99 (I used one and caught it on clearance at my local Target)

Bunch of fresh white pine - $6.99 (purchased from a local nursery)

Bunch of fresh juniper - $6.99 (purchased from a local nursery)

Bunch of fresh incense cedar - $6.99 (purchased from a local nursery)

Bunch of fresh cedar - $6.99 (purchased from a local nursery)

*Tip; I spray (outdoors) all the fresh greenery down using Wilt Stop, I think it helps prolong their freshness)

Next year, I won't need to invest in the faux garlands and will only need to purchase the fresh bunches, making this DIY even more economical and an investment.

Happy Holidays!



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