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Easy DIY Wood Bead Garland

This past weekend I caught the Holiday decorating bug. I've always admired those wood bead garlands but they were always way more than I wanted to spend to drape around my tree. This year I decided to get a little creative and make our own.

After a quick jaunt to the thrift store, I found a bag of these beads for $2.99 and using some baker's twine I already had we created three of these garlands.

The bag of beads I found didn't have a count on them and I wasn't in the mood to count all of the beads but I will say we were able to make three 5 foot garlands which should be plenty for our tree. Had I purchased the beads I had seen on the internet from a well-known brand they would have cost me over $100 for the length I needed.

My husband's granddaughter was over and she enjoyed helping. We made a batch of hot cocoa and turned on Spotify to some Christmas music. It was so much fun to work on a simple project with her. We began by first securing one of the beads to lock it in before we started to string the rest. Once we had our strand we also tied the last bead to lock that end in place so the beads wouldn't slip off.

Super simple to make and cost pennies compared to the designer wood bead garland but I think it looks pretty darn good and since we used a natural color wood bead they give that nordic or hygge look I was going for.

What you need:

Wood beads (varying sizes if you wish)



Hot cocoa and Christmas music (optional)

That's it! Easy peasy!

All my best,



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