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Handmade Modern Mosaic Tile

When Mercedes Austin with Minneapolis’ Mercury Mosaics reached out and wanted to collaborate on a kitchen backsplash design together I nearly passed out from excitement. My husband and I always wanted tile in our kitchen but when we designed the kitchen a few years ago, that was taken out of the budget to make room for other things. To get creative I came up with the idea of installing shiplap to the back of our range wall for character and dimension foregoing the boring blank wall of drywall.

This is the before:

Disclosure: If you’re in the market and researching Mercury Mosaics these are my words, review, and opinions only and should be taken as such.

All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait.

Fast forward 3 years to where our handmade modern mosaic tile journey began.

I first was introduced to Mercury Mosaics through my friend Morgan with Construction2Style when she revealed her beautiful, custom kitchen. I think it broke the internet that day, I’m sure of it. I instantly fell in love, how could one not? I thought to myself someday Lea, someday…

So when Mercedes herself reached out to me one day for a collaboration idea (well, first I hyperventilated when I saw her name drop in my email inbox) I instantly jumped to the idea of working together! For I knew I was in good hands (sort of like Allstate but much better, ok I digress). First, Mercedes really wanted to get to know more about me and my husband to truly understand our styles and lifestyle. As a stylist myself I knew the importance of creating this relationship because that’s truly where the magic begins. Understanding and relating to one another (it’s like a dance or speed dating) and then BOOM! the ideas flow out. So we did the tile tango together and after receiving the first mood board I instantly was like YES! It was full of beautiful BOLD color!