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How To Create a Photo-ready Valentine's Backdrop

It's time to put your lungs to work! This past week I was invited over to my friend Morgan's house for a fun Galentine's luncheon. A few of us arrived early to help with the decorations and set up where she gave us complete control of our own creativity. My task was to create a fun Valentine's backdrop perfect to take photos in front of. I've never created one of these before but I was up for the challenge!

Here's what I used to create this wall.

  • Balloons (I used red, pink and white)

  • Paper fans (again I used red, pink and white)

  • String

  • Removable peel and stick wall hooks

Get those lungs ready because I hear there's a helium shortage out there! Ha! Here I blew up 9 balloons. Bunching the balloons first into batches of three and tying them off worked best. I then secured them to the wall using removable wall hooks. Spacing the three balloon bunches out evenly on the wall.

Next, I took the paper fans (some were pre-made and available at any party supply store or online such as these) and the others I made using colored construction paper. Hanging the paper fans in between the three bunches of balloons fills in the gaps.

Note: If making your own paper fan decor, simply fold construction paper in an accordion-style, and then fold the accordion in half, and glue the two endpoints together to fold out like a fan. I'll share a quick tutorial soon.

Rotating colors and sizes help keep the movement of the wallscape more interesting.

Morgan already had beautiful gold frames hung on this wall so I just wanted to follow that same visual line and create another fun layer.