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How To Create a Photo-ready Valentine's Backdrop

It's time to put your lungs to work! This past week I was invited over to my friend Morgan's house for a fun Galentine's luncheon. A few of us arrived early to help with the decorations and set up where she gave us complete control of our own creativity. My task was to create a fun Valentine's backdrop perfect to take photos in front of. I've never created one of these before but I was up for the challenge!

Here's what I used to create this wall.

  • Balloons (I used red, pink and white)

  • Paper fans (again I used red, pink and white)

  • String

  • Removable peel and stick wall hooks

Get those lungs ready because I hear there's a helium shortage out there! Ha! Here I blew up 9 balloons. Bunching the balloons first into batches of three and tying them off worked best. I then secured them to the wall using removable wall hooks. Spacing the three balloon bunches out evenly on the wall.

Next, I took the paper fans (some were pre-made and available at any party supply store or online such as these) and the others I made using colored construction paper. Hanging the paper fans in between the three bunches of balloons fills in the gaps.

Note: If making your own paper fan decor, simply fold construction paper in an accordion-style, and then fold the accordion in half, and glue the two endpoints together to fold out like a fan. I'll share a quick tutorial soon.

Rotating colors and sizes help keep the movement of the wallscape more interesting.

Morgan already had beautiful gold frames hung on this wall so I just wanted to follow that same visual line and create another fun layer.

This was such a fun wall to create, it greeted all the guests at the door and helped to set the tone for a fun Valentine's lunch with all our friends.

My super talented friend Erin with Francois et Moi DIY-ed this beautiful garland using fresh greenery sprigs, find out how she did it HERE.

This is Morgan, all smiles per usual!

To hear all about hosting this fun Galentine's luncheon and how you can create your own head on over to Morgan's blog at Construction2Style and read all about 6 fun DIY party ideas HERE.

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