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How to Make Silly Monster Crafts with Kids Re-using Tissue Rolls

A few days ago my neighbor's kids came over for an afternoon of crafts and we had so much fun! Being a mom of two twenty-something year olds I semi-forgot how fun kids crafts can be and how creative they can get. Having these two kiddos over for the day was like a trip down memory lane! Looking for some fun Halloween crafts to do? Make monsters or any creature, just make sure there's loads of giggles! Here, we started by re-using toilet tissue rolls and repurposed those into the new monsters!

Here's what we used:

Fiskars paper cutter

Craft paper in multiple colors

Glue sticks

Googly eyes

Fuzzy sticks



Toilet tissue rolls

To make things easier I had already pre-cut all of the craft paper to measure around the rolls so that all the kids had to do was select their paper color choice, but you certainly don't have to do this part. This would be easy enough for the kids to do as well.

Once they selected the paper they applied the glue to one side using the glue sticks and then slowly rolled the toilet tissue roll onto the paper so that the paper wrapped around the roll. To secure the finished end, we applied a bit more glue and then laid the paper down.

From there the we just had fun getting creative and making our silly monsters how ever came to mind!

Note: I went ahead and punched holes through the monsters so that the kids could push the fuzzy sticks into them easier.

She even made a silly mask for herself!

Here's some of our monsters!




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