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Restore The Earth - It's Earth Day!

As Earth Day is approaching and we're all living in a new and unexpected way, it seems that 2021 is evolving into our new normal and that's not a bad thing! What are some of the things taken away from 2020 while staying home? Togetherness - togetherness was a big one and a challenge as we hunkered down with everyone at home full-time and finding ways to make out home work in ways we never thought of. It was a time that really had me thinking hard about the way we home and the way we leave our footprint on this earth, especially seeing how quickly it was proven the air quality became cleaner and was it just me or did the birds seem like they chirped a bit louder now that the world became quieter?

It's not new to you that you know how much I love and support Naturally It's Clean and their line of plant-based and sustainable products.

They use plant enzymes that come from a natural source. And, did you know that enzymes speed up the process and return organic matter back into basic elements like carbon, oxygen and hydrogen? We've all heard about enzymes but what are they? They're protein molecules found in all living things. They're energetic tools of nature that speed up the chemical processes or create chemical reactions - without harsh chemicals!

Who says you have to use harsh and strong chemicals to get clean? The Earth's been cleaning itself naturally forever, shouldn't we take our queue from Mother Nature?

Together, and only together, can we all truly make our planet healthier, safer and clean for future generations to come.

In addition to only using Naturally It's Clean cleaning products in our home, I plan to make the switch to zero one use plastic in our home and plant a bee and butterfly garden. We need to help our little pollinator friends who do all the heavy lifting so that we can continue to thrive and live clean and sustainable.

So where can you buy your Naturally It's Clean products to promote and live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle? Click here to purchase and learn more.

Now, how do you plan to Restore the Earth this Earth Day?

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Eliminate all one use plastic in your home for glass storage containers (thrifted ones for even more green points) and re-usable storage bags.

  • Plant a pollinator garden

  • Source sustainable products like Naturally It's Clean and brands that promote and practice a healthier planet for everyone.

  • Consume less meat - it's a proven fact how much of our planet is dedicated to farming animals.

  • Be a conscious consumer - research and understand where your spending your hard earned dollars - hold brands accountable for the waste they create on our planet - we have buying power and the buck must stop here to make real change.

  • Try a natural fertilizer on your lawn instead of spraying or sprinkling harsh chemicals into the soil that eventually leads to our water supply.

  • Opt for a grass free lawn - reduces the amount of water needed for upkeep.

  • Walk, bike, skate to the store or coffee shop - eliminate driving and promote a cleaner air quality when you can.

  • Buy an electric vehicle or create a share a ride with a group of friends or family - rotating the shared vehicle and expenses.

  • Plant low maintenance, zone friendly plants and trees.

Disclosure: For this post I received gifted product from Naturally It's Clean. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thank you for supporting content that keeps Creekwoodhill going.


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