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Rethinking How We Use Rugs

I love a good rug just as much as the next person but today I want to share with you just how versatile rugs can be. Think outside the rug box, the possibilities may be endless!

  1. Rugs aren't just for floors anymore.

Hanging beautiful rugs on the wall and let their beauty stand out like art. Frame a rug or rug remnant to create a beautiful gallery.

2. Layer rugs on the foot of a bed for added texture and color, or drape over a sofa or chair to bring in color, texture and pattern.

3. Hang rugs ove a blanket ladder to create visual and textural height in a room.

4. Create a cozy nook to create a space full of hygge!

5. Don't toss those tattered rugs, repurpose them into gorgeous pillows or make a pet bed!

6. Take them outside!

Rugs aren't just for underneath our feet. Now go look around your home and take an inventory of all your rugs and get creative and have some fun!

All my best!



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