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The New Self Care

2022 has me re-thinking how I define self-care and what it means to me; and to be honest a good nights sleep is my number one. I mean as basic as it sounds, how many of us are actually getting a full 8 hours of well-rested sleep?

I recently teamed up with Slumberland Furniture and had one of the most amazing times learning all about their new Sleep Solutions Department where they have designed and curated an efficient and easy to shop mattress shopping experience.

Bonus: I never felt pressured by a sales person hovering around me as I dove onto all of the mattresses to test drive what felt good to me.

Slumberland came up with this easy 1,2,3 guide that guides you through selecting the perfect mattress that fits your sleep well needs such as starting with the basics; the mattress type:

  1. Memory Foam

  2. Inner spring

  3. hybrid

From there the guide walks you through as you shop using their easy to navigate rating and information system which classifies back support to feel (firmness level).

Once I knew what I preferred I just followed the color code assigned to my sleep solution and tested those identified mattresses. If I'm being completely honest here, mattress shopping isn't one of my most favorite things to do but Slumberland sure made it less of a chore and much more enjoyable. In a sea full of mattresses it's easy to get lost and become overwhelmed but this time mattress shopping was a breeze. No more mattress shopping anxiety, can I check another box off for self care?

Ok, I know you're here saying to yourselves, hurry up and get to the good part! Which one did you choose and how do you still like it?

We ultimately chose a Stearns and Foster Lux Estate Firm mattress (king) while ours was generously gifted this mattress is so worth its weight in gold! I mean when it comes to a good nights sleep and waking up actually feeling well-rested and without any of those aches and pains you have to stretch out in the morning, do you honestly really want to skimp on your mattress? After having gone down the trendy mattress-in-a-box road, and tossing out 2 mattresses in under 6 years (hello waste of money and materials), it was time for us to actually make the investment. The quality and craftsmanship Stearns & Foster is known for is truly remarkable and we've had our mattress for a few months now so I feel good about reporting my honest opinion and experience here.

Side note: For added quality assurance testing just add an 80 pound rambunctious bulldog.

We chose an innerspring design for ultimate back support, their coils are densely packed and the support we feel is amazing. The AirVent System is super cool (no pun intended) the external air vents allow for breathability and promote a cool, comfortable sleep. When I felt this mattress I could immediately tell the difference between our previous new-to-market-brand mattresses compared to this Stearns & Foster mattress, the quality is unreal and it FEELS like something that was built from years and years of industry experience and know-how. It FEELS like a mattress that will LAST!

Don't just take my word for it, if you're in the market for a new mattress or looking for another self care investment - be sure to head to your local Slumberland Furniture store and see for yourself! With the celebration of National Sleep Day, save $400 on select Stearns & Foster mattresses until April 4th 2022! Plus, Slumberland is offering some of their best financing options, this is a sleep investment after all so make sure this is a good fit for you. I am certainly glad we made the change and can feel the difference in not just my body but my overall wellbeing. After lots of reflecting and self-awareness and the peeling back of many layers, if I've learned anything over the past couple of years, it is that in order for me to accomplish my personal goals and be the best person I can be, I needed to feel good and for me to begin to feel good started with me feeling well rested.

Self-care tip: Tummy tickles always bring out the smiles.

Sleep well my friends!


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Every year that passes I realize more and more how deeply important sleep is to my health.

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