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Clean While Going Green

Can we talk about quarantine-clean (as I like to call it)? I don't think I've ever cleaned so much in my life! But, here we are, in this new not-normal and cleaning and sanitizing has been taken to a whole new level while cleaning products are also becoming scarce to find on the supermarket shelves.

Naturally It's Clean reached out to me earlier this year, pre-pandemic and I wrote about them here. After months of using them, I thought I would write a follow-up post. Truth is, I love their products. I feel safe using them in our home, (we have two cats and a dog) and while they often walk across my freshly mopped floors I don't worry about toxic chemicals on their paws nor about them later licking their feet. I also recently learned of the dangers of synthetic fragrances and how they affect animals, especially in our homes (which dependent on the time of year, may have little fresh ventilation).

Naturally It's Clean products are never tested on animals and as an avid animal lover that means something HUGE to me. Also, their products are made with plant-based enzymes so they're safer to use and safer on our planet. Another huge checkmark for me. Their containers are recyclable and their fragrances aren't harsh and synthetic. Instead, they smell fragrant and light. You can read all about them yourself here.

They offer a wide selection of products!

Recently, I tested their laundry stain remover.

I've been using the same large national brand laundry detergents and stain removers for years but lately our two kids have been having skin rashes and we narrowed it down to detergents so when I tried Naturally It's Clean stain remover I was at first a little skeptical, because stain removers need to be tough, right?

I'm happy to say, it works well and by well, I mean it gets the job done AND the best part, no harsh chemicals! I mean why put harsh chemicals into the clothes we wear that sit on our skin! That can't be a good thing! Little by little I have been making the change to sustainable products and solutions. Every bit helps and small changes like these are easy lifestyle changes we can all do/make. Plus, can we talk about how easy it is to ship straight to your door! No more disappointment by empty store shelves!

Please help keep our planet safe for everyone!



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