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#PartyAtEms - Touring Emily Henderson's Mountain House

I'll be the first to admit, I love everything Em Henderson and her team and I've been a long-time fangirl/follower and researcher. Let me start with my morning ritual consists of Emily's blog and coffee before I start the day. So when I saw she was hosting a Reader event via a contest drawing I was all in! I signed up and double (triple) crossed my fingers and toes and HOPED she would pick ME!

Surprise! I was selected and the best part? I got to bring a +1! At first, I planned to bring my daughter because I thought this would be a fun adventure together (hold on...) but I thought to myself, who LOVES everything EHD as much as me? It was this girl (pictured on the left), my friend Erin with Francois Et Moi blog. So off we went, (yes, I brought my daughter too) we flew from MN to Lake Arrowhead, CA (well, actually we flew into the Ontario airport). We came in a couple of days early to explore the beautiful Lake Arrowhead area and oh my gosh is it beautiful! I may have nearly passed out but I wasn't sure if it was from excitement or the altitude. Hot tip: I am told to drink LOTS of H2O at high altitude.

The day came when we visited her house and let me start with her team is AH-mazing! Like everything was organized to a tee. The itinerary we received a couple of weeks in advance laid out the entire day's adventure and I don't think my words here will ever do it justice. Thank you, Caitlin!

We arrived at the meeting place and jumped on the private shuttle but wait, we were SHOCKED when all of a sudden Emily herself popped up on the bus and rode with us! She chatted like we've all known her forever (which in my head I did, naturally) but in real life, I was absolutely blown away and froze like a star-struck fangirl. I probably embarrassed myself. It's fine.

We arrived at the house and you know pictures will never do it justice to walking and touching and breathing it all in but here goes...

This is the living room that greets you right off the entryway. Side note; Emily was SO gracious to invite us into her own home and walk around freely, encouraging us to open any doors/drawers, etc. no need to take off your shoes (she says).

Here is where we (Erin and I) toured around, took pictures, gawked, chatted with the other guests and EHD team members as Emily walked around freely chatting with everyone.

She laid out the most perfect lunch spread for us and we all sat outside in the beautiful California weather and more chatting (never enough chatting). It's also where I met my BFF Arlyn (no, I know we're not in real life but in my mind, she is because I think we have TONS in common and I admire her SO much).

(This pic was taken later in the evening but in keeping with storytelling this is where I'm placing it). Ha!

Next, Emily and her team had this fun design exercise for us all.

It's where she spoke openly and candidly about herself, her business, her family and her team (which we all met and who were all legit the NICEST EVER!).


You can just FEEL their energy and love for one another!

There was a boat ride she took us all on (which I opted out because OMFG I was SO freaking motion sick in CA!) and dinner at a little pizzeria that Emily had rented out for us all to enjoy dinner and drinks into the evening. We met Emily's family and I can't thank her enough for allowing us to be a part of that and invite us into such a personal space. Basically, the ENTIRE day was a total DREAM COME TRUE!

Ok, are you ready to take a peek at the Mountain House?

I think Emily owns every cool chair on the planet.

This view is straight off the entry. Every material and piece in her home was amazing!

This is one of the guest bedrooms on the main floor and I think where I about hyperventilated when she popped in the room where I was standing (pretty sure my freak flag was flying high that day). Still, it's fine. I'm fine.

This is also where I first laid eyes on this lamp that I knew would work in my daughter's bedroom makeover.

Here's another guest bedroom and one where I met the sweetest new EHD team member who was so kind and offered to snap a photo of me. Thank you, Veronica!

The guest bathroom in this room.

Next to Emily's bathroom this may have been my favorite but the green quartzite in the other guest bath was dreamy (no, sadly I did not snap a pic).

BUT Erin and I did take a couple of selfies.

The details...(swoon) Oh, you can see the quartzite in the reflection in the mirror (doesn't read green here but that's because it's my iPhone).

The family room off the kitchen/dining room (why yes, yes, I did have to have that same rug too).

See what I mean? She has alllll the best chairs!

Walking upstairs now, you're first greeted with this amazing view of her office and those WINDOWS!

Emily's office overlooks the living area.

We were even allowed into their most personal spaces such as their sweet kiddos' shared bedroom and play attic.

The ONLY room in the ENTIRE house she asked we put booties on our shoes was in her bedroom and only because of the MOST gorgeous and cloud-like rug in there.

To walk on that rug was like walking in heaven. I'm a very sensory person so my inner self probably wanted to roll all over it but I managed all impulses guys.

That book pretty much sums up this entire space!

See, allllll the BEST chairs!

Nothing was off-limits even in her bedroom and bathroom except the closet (which we could go into) but advised not to open the doors because they weren't completed yet with the installation. Talk about an open book, right?

This is the master bathroom.

Every single detail in the entire home was intentional and so DAMN good!

I mean what else would you expect from her and the EHD team, right?

To read all of Emily's posts/process/reveals/sources click here. My pictures don't do her beautiful home justice so please go hop over to her blog and read all the deets. You can also catch her post on the reader event here.

To Emily and the EHD team, if you're reading this, thank YOU for sharing yourselves, your families and opening your home. That day will forever remain ingrained in me and one I'll always remember and look back on with fond memories of you all.

All the best!


Photography of my image by Veronica Crawford (Emily Henderson's photo assistant) and on Instagram at @heyitsvbaby_


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