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Plant-Based Cleaning Solutions

I love a clean house just as much as the next person but I do admit that I've been much more conscious about the products I bring into my home lately. This has changed me as a consumer. Living in the 'new normal' and taking clean to 'quarantine clean' is a whole new level of clean. To be honest I don't think I've ever cleaned so much in my life but it sure does feel good!

Back to plant-based, you've seen me switch to less and less one-use plastics in my home (they're almost all gone now) tip: if you make small changes at a time, it's easier to make more of a lifestyle change. Next on the list, was getting rid of all those harsh chemicals in our home by those well-known brands that every household knows of and probably used for generations. Well, it's stopping here for this household. We have been making the switch to more natural and plant-based cleaning supplies, laundry care, floor care, etc.

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Naturally It's Clean, I tried them out (of course before I told you all about them so I could offer my honest review) and I love their line! Really, I do. They work great, so they certainly get the job done but I also love that they don't smell overpowering. They don't smell like harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances. They have a very light scent that if you pause in the moment you'll appreciate.

Tip: I love that I can order these online and have them delivered right to my door and in today's environment that's especially favorable! Here's the direct link to research for yourself:

Our daughter and my husband have extremely sensitive skin and allergies and living in a household with two cats and a dog you can image the added allergens in our home. Finding a safe and environmentally conscious product like this line stays on my mind, like I live and breathe these decisions and Naturally It's Clean didn't disappoint. Our dog also licks and eats off the floor whatever she can find (I know, I know...) or it never fails while I'm mopping the floors I will turn around to find fresh paw prints just walked across my newly cleaned floors, that's just life in this house. But, with this plant-based formula I don't worry about harsh and toxic chemicals on our four-legged family member's feet, nor them ingesting it as they lick and clean their own paws. Bonus points for Naturally It's Clean that they also NEVER test on animals. It's true, I have passed over brands if I don't see a disclaimer about animal testing.

Looking for ways to be more green in your own home? Here are some easy tips to make a real and effective lifestyle change:

1) Swap out chemical and toxic household agents for plant-based alternatives.

2) Don't use plastic straws and skip the straws at restaurants.

3) Opt for tree free paper solutions to paper towels and toilet tissue.

4) Recycle, Reuse and donate

5) Replace one-use plastics for glass alternatives or food coverings for reusable solutions.

6) Bring your own bag to the grocery store or market (or any store).

7) Switch to low-flow toilets or set to the low-flow option for less water consumption.

8) Add living plants to your home, they look pretty and they'll naturally help clean your air.

9) Buy products that aren't tested on animals.

10) Learn to compost (this is on my list)!

Living more consciously doesn't mean big changes have to be made, starting with the small and easy to manage changes ensures real lifestyle differences happen, and stick.

All my best!



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